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All workshop and training content is built on research and current best practices in the field using developmentally appropriate teaching techniques to engage participants.

Workshops can include visuals, activities, or conversations tailored to your organization's needs and with input from those in your organization, business, or school.

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Gender Equity 101 (3 hrs)

Together we will learn about key terms related to gender equity and discuss the dynamics and impact of gender roles and sexual harassment, our personal experiences, and general strategies to create a positive space and increase equity.

Blurred Lines?: Gender Equity 102 (3 hrs)

Here, we will continue the conversation from Gender Equity 101, while honing in on the nuances of microaggressions and spending time digging into the specific ways gender dynamics play out in your space, what an ideal space looks like for participants, and identifying specific strategies to create that space together.

Working 9 to 5: Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Workplace (3 hrs)

#MeToo has shed a bright light on the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. We’ll discuss the root causes of the issue, the law, and ways to prevent sexual harassment in your workplace.

DEATH BY 1000 CUTs: Microaggressions & Implicit Bias (3 hrs)

While overt bias is usually obvious, subtle, implicit bias and microaggressions (related to gender, race, gender identity, ability, and more) are more insidious and harder to stop. These behaviors become normalized, but can also create a culture where overt bias is seen as acceptable. We’ll discuss examples of microaggressions, the dynamics of implicit bias and how to make real change by addressing them.

Free of Suggestion: Bystander Intervention (3 hrs)

Often the focus of sexual violence prevention efforts involves recommendations like “wear a longer skirt” or “don’t walk outside at night”. But current best practice in prevention research take a new tact: bystander intervention. Most people are uncomfortable with sexual harassment and violence and want to help. But they don’t because the think others are okay with it. We’ll discuss environmental changes, intervention techniques, and tactics to empower bystanders in a variety of settings (schools, work, organizations) to stand up to harassing or violent behavior and create new, positive norms.


Full descriptions available upon request

  • Sexual Violence Prevention 101

  • Street Harassment, Sexual Harassment & the Continuum of Sexual Violence

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Root Causes of Sexual Violence

  • Masculinity & Sexual Violence Prevention

  • Sexual Violence, Objectification, & the Media

  • Gender Stereotypes and Sexual Violence Prevention

  • Intersections: Privilege & Oppression

  • Relational Aggression: Gender and Workplace Bullying

  • Gender & Workplace Communication

  • Image & Identity

  • Self-defense & Assertiveness

  • Flirting vs. Sexual Harassment: What's the Difference?

  • You Can't Touch This: Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, & Respect

  • Sexual Violence Prevention: What Can Guys Do About It?

  • The Dynamics of Rape Culture

  • + Many others, contact me to discuss additional topics